If you’re in a gay or lesbian relationship, we understand the unique challenges that you face in your relationship. We recognize how forces within the relationship, as well as outside of the relationship, can make it difficult to know what to do when your relationship is struggling. Personal struggles can impact how you and your partner communicate, manage emotions, and increase your intimacy. We have specialized training and experience to help you and your partner heal where you need to heal, and learn ways to grow together through all of this.

Maybe one of you is out and the other is not, and this creates tension in your relationship. Maybe there are problems in your sex life, and you’re unsure whether or not you should open up your relationship. Or maybe you’re in a relationship that has simply lost it’s passion, trust, or romance. No matter what the situation is, we can help. We have counselors who can help with communication, counselors who can help enhance and improve your sex lives, and counselors who can help with relationship issues relating to sexual compulsivity and alcohol and drug abuse.

The truth is that many people wait way too long before they contact a counselor. Many others also struggle to find a therapist who they know is more than just “gay-friendly”. Finding a therapist who truly understands and is educated about gay and lesbian specific issues and relationships is extremely important.

If you’re concerned about your relationship, and you’re not sure where to turn, contact us today. We’ll help you rebuild communication, intimacy, trust, and stability in your relationship.