Coming out can be one of the most difficult things for gay and lesbian individuals, as well as transgender individuals to face. The fear of being rejected or exiled by your loved ones is extremely intimidating. Even if you are sure that you will not be disowned, there is still an uncomfortable feeling with knowing that you are “different”. It feels uneasy not being able to predict how others will treat you, which creates a fear of being treated differently than everyone else.

Although it is a challenge, this period in your life doesn’t have to be filled with anxiety and fear. Together, we’ll identify what you are most worried about, and work through this, rather than avoid it or become saddened by it. We’ll take the shame off of your shoulders and work so that you can build on your self-esteem.

Whether you are married and you’re unsure if you want to stay or leave your relationship, or you’re single, but not sure how to talk to your family and friends about this, we can help. We understand how complicated it can be to decide where and when to come out to others. We won’t pressure you into anything that you don’t feel that you are ready for. Instead, together we will look at your options, learn about your concerns, and help you find an internal self-acceptance that will make it easier for you to decide what you want to do.

The challenge of coming out is one that our community faces. Although it can be bumpy, it doesn’t have to be a road where you have to feel stuck. Call us today if you are dealing with any of the following:

  • Coming out while married.
  • Identifying and accepting your sexual orientation.
  • Anxious or worried about coming out to your family or friends.
  • Gender identification and acceptance.
  • Tired of feeling different from others.
  • Coming out at work.
  • Lack of acceptance by your family or friends.