Counseling for Anxiety

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed? Dealing with panic attacks or severe anxiety? We can help you decrease your level of stress and live your life more at ease. Whether you are dealing with minor amounts of stress, which is causing you some discomfort, or you are experiencing anxiety that is seriously debilitating, we can give you the tools to not only manage this, but to find contentment.

Maybe you avoid social situations, because you are concerned about what others will think about you. Or maybe you avoid situations because of something traumatic that has happened in your past. Regardless of what you are feeling anxious about, we will help you gain tools so that you can once again go into these situations that you have been avoiding. You don’t have to let anxiety rule your life anymore. Call us today.

Counseling for Depression

If you find it difficult to motivate yourself to get what you want done, or you deal with feeling negative and pessimistic, we have tools that can show you the way to overcoming these problems. No mater if these are recent emotions that have surfaced, or emotions that you have always struggled with, there is a way to feeling better. Don’t get trapped hoping that these feelings will go away. It can be understandably intimidating to reach out for help, but if you take this difficult step, it’s the first step to feeling good.

You might be coping with a loss in your life, such as a death or a breakup. Or maybe you feel lonely and you are struggling to find satisfaction in your job or in your relationships with others. No matter how it is that you feel stuck, we will work to get you to place where you can again feel satisfied. Contact us today to set up an appointment.